Why Always The Happy People Earn More Money


It is generally assumed that greater wealth leads to happiness. In reality, many studies have tried to find the income level for happiness, that found that happiness rises as income rises up until you hit $70,000 a year , but at which point the happiness doesn’t improve as you earn more.

But instead of riches leading to increased happiness, the inverse might be true: Happiness leads to riches, and many studies support this idea.

So, do you want to be in happiness in order to perform better at work and increase your personal wealth? If so, You are in the right place , you just need to get a better idea of why happy people are able to earn more money.

take an optimistic approach

Happy people take an optimistic approach.

The employees who are happy tend to earn more money because their optimistic approach makes them more open to opportunity and new experiences

The employees willing always take risks and to accept challenges , both of which are predictors of greater earning opportunity , and they view bad decisions as a learning opportunity rather than a personal failure.

Happy people have fewer sick days

Happiness maybe play a role in overall well-being. The happy employees tend to spend more time working and less time out of the office on sick leave. According to research published,the happy employees stay home 10 fewer days a year, on average, than unhappy workers and live up to 10 years longer that others.

Happy people are productive.

Researchers at the University of statesman in Coventry, England, found a link between happiness and productivity. In their paper “Happiness and Productivity,” political economy professors Andrewassassin, Eugenio early and Daniel Sgroi write that indiscriminatelyelitepeopleWorld Health Organization were created to feel happier had up to twelvep.cbigger productivity than people whoweren’t.

Being productive at work has obvious edges. If your boss notices your productivity, it puts you during ahigherposition for a promotion and increment.

Happy individualsget well performance reviews.

“It rubs off on your co-workers and, most significantly, your customers.” For this reason, happy individuals tend to inducehigher performance reviews, which generallycause higher pay, he said.

Employers additionallyneed happy individuals on employeesto spice up morale and promote an honest work settingsamepsychological feature speaker Dan Stotridge. “This in and of itself provides happy individualsa gripon the competition as a result of the leadercanneedto try and do all they willto stay these individuals on employeesleading to pay will increase, promotions, edges and additional,” he said.

Happy individualssquare measurea part ofthe answer, not the matter.
Most people prefer to be a part ofthe matter by querulousregarding what’s wrong with the work, the boss or co-workers, same Linda Talley, a behaviouraltheorizer and leadership development coach. Happy individuals, on the opposite hand, tend to seem for solutions to issues.

Happy individuals invest in themselves.

Happy individuals earn additionalas a result ofthey’recontinuouslyup themselves by learning additionaltravailand investment in their future, same Elle Kaplan, chief executive officer and founding father ofinvestment trustLexION Capital.

And investment in yourself will boost happiness similarly. “I’ve noticed that my shopperssquare measuretypicallyhappier overall once they invest,” Kaplan same. “This is as a result ofinvestment in yourself is one amongthe most effectivestuff youwill do for yourself,” she said.


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