No matter how much money you have in your bank account , your age ,your marital status or what you do for a living, i know we all want to be successful in our live. But , defining success is different for each us, So we have 5 ways that can make you more productive, happy and successful in life.

5 Be committed

It doesn’t matter what goals you have set for yourself in life, you have to be committed. It is through commitment that you will continue to make the improvements needed to better yourself. Whether it is taking a chance on launching a startup, taking a cooking class because you want to become a chef or getting a gym membership to improve your physical well being, commitment is what drives us all to become successful personel .

4 Money don’t buy happiness.

Like the Beatles famously proclaimed, (money), “can’t buy me love.” You all know what else money can’t buy ?Just because you’re earning five figures doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily content. Sure, money it’s obviously needed, and it makes some things easier. But, you should always be focusing on your passion and not how much your paycheck is.

3 Travel

The traveling is a great way to develop a person’s character and become more open-minded. Additionally, while traveling is a great way to get away from the daily routine, it also helps you appreciate what you have back at home.

2 Be grateful

According to researchers , being grateful everyday can result in feeling better about your life, more ready to help others and more enthusiastism . Being grateful maybe even reduce coronary artery disease. So, take a time to write down what you are grateful each and every day.

1 Have a backup plan

You will never know when the unexpected is going to happen, but when it does happen, you are surrounded by chaos. Have a backup plan that mean being prepared for the worst case scenario can at least make things a whole lot less chaotic. When my last business crashed, had I not had some cash that my wife kept away from me, we would have been in financial ruin. So at that time i have always a plan B for the worse .


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